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Who We Are

We have a common goal which is for you to improve your English!

Our small classes ensure that you are given individual attention, feedback on your progress.

Being able to speak confidently and develop your speaking ability is what concerns us the most.

We use successful teaching methods at English domain, to ensure you achieve your objectives.


Differnt Teaching Methods used at English Domain:


The Communicative Method


Activating speaking in class, encouraging students to participate in classroom discussions and work in small groups, in pairs or individually with topic-based lessons focusing on current issues and everyday situations in an academic environment.


Teachers boost students’ vocabulary whilst working on grammar and practice pronunciation, intonation and accent.

Waldorf Teaching Method

At English Domain we practise the Waldorf teaching method. Our Education is based on a profound understanding of human development that addresses the needs of each and every student

Our teachers strive to transform their lessons into life experiences leading to academic excellence.

It is proven that when students relate their experience to  what they are learning they automatically become more motivated and develop into autonomous learners.

The pedagogical method is inclusive, and, as part of its mission, seeks to bring about recognition and understanding of all the world cultures.


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