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Who we are

Our Mission Statement: English Domain endevours to develop the intellectual, social,moral and greater understanding for the diversified learnign potential of its students

Our aim is to return all our students to their home countries as ambassadors for our language school, and of Malta. Therefore, our commitment to service and attention to detail is experienced by all those who chose to study at English Domain.


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Domain Group is recognised as a leader within Malta’s educational sector. The group of companies which was set up in 1995 consists of Computer Domain, Domain Academy, English Domain and Domain Services. It has state of the art premises which are centrally located in the town of Mosta.


English Domain is a member of FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organizations Malta), Licensed by the Ministry of Education and inspected by the EFL Monitoring Board (English as a Foreign Language Monitoring Board).




English Domain prides itself in providing an excellent service, ensuring all students acquire a confident proficiency level in the English language. English Domain has an extensive portfolio of courses ranging from beginners to advanced level. It also takes pride in providing the best service in terms of accommodation, leisure and the welfare aspect of students.





Apart from General English courses, English Domain provides English exam certifications such as IELTS and TOEFL that enable entry within foreign and UK based Universities. English Domain provides innovative courses and different blends of learning. English for Special Purpose courses include Legal English, English for the Medical Profession and the Financial Sector. Learning English and Having Fun (LEAF) courses aim to help individuals acquire the English language through learning another skill such as photography, web design or cookery.

It is also noteworthy to mention that English Domain was entrusted by the local government, to provide Teacher Training Courses (TEFL) to individuals who wish to start teaching English as a foreign language.

We also provide courses which combine English with other subjects, such as Art and Cooking, to mention a few. Moreover, we also offer courses in which English is taught for specific technical professions, some of which include: Business and Banking English, Technical English, English for Aviators, English for Lawyers, English for the Oil and Engineering Industry, and even English for the Medical Sector. This enables English Domain to supply niche markets.




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