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Internship Programme

English Domain offers students the opportunity of an Internship in Malta. With a balanced mix of work placements, our goal is to turn knowledge into valuable experience for the benefit of students, graduates and mentors.
All our work placements are in an English speaking environment, so that not only do you gain work experience but you also continue to increase your language skills, whilst experiencing first hand new ways of working in an international context and a new culture.
Therefore your internship will be the key to professional and personal development which does not only reflect in personal enrichment, but is also an excellent reference on your CV and therefore an asset in your future career path.

Work placements:

•    If you are aged 16 and over,
•    Able to communicate in English,
•    Have a full health insurance and liability insurance for your stay in Malta,
•    Have a European Passport,
•    Are registered at a European Institution.

Duration of placement and working hours:

•    Work placements have a duration of a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 6 months,
•    Working hours: average 30 to 40 hours weekly,
•    Working times depend on the host company’s schedule.

Apply for the internship by clicking here.

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