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LEAF Learning English and Having Fun

Ever thought of incorporating a hobby or particular interest that you might have with an English language course?
Here at English Domain, we can make this possible. If you are into Art, Cooking or Photography, then we have the course for you. Currently English Domain is offering these 3 courses for enthusiasts of such interests 
Who said you can’t have fun while learning English?


Art plays an important role in our everyday life. Art beautifies, captures memories, communicates ideas, imparts values and evokes emotions. Art exists all around us in different forms, such as in the colours and patterns in nature to everyday images and designs on magazines, products, and media.
The Art and Design course considers expression and communication. Students learn about visual perception and aesthetic experience, and the ways in which art and design creates a language of its own. Most of the work in this course is practical or studio based, so that students can develop their abilities of observation and analysis of the visual world, sensitivity, skill, personal expression and imagination. They also learn how to relate their skills to an enhanced knowledge of their own cultures, past and present. Our classes are all delivered by qualified teachers.
•    Developing visual Literacy
•    Developing the ability to communicate ideas by using and creating visuals.
•    Developing awareness and appreciation to art and aesthetics.
•    Interpreting artworks
•    Create artworks to share ideas, thoughts and feelings.
•    Use of different mediums and techniques: Drawing, Painting, Moulding, Rendering (using digital media)
•    Cultivate a spirit of innovation and experimentation


This course is aimed at individuals who have a passion for gastronomy. Not only will students upgrade their knowledge of the English language in a fun atmosphere but students can also try indulging in cooking a variety of different cuisine including an introduction to Maltese specialties first hand.


This course is aimed at anyone who is new to photography or who knows how to use their camera and wishes to learn how to make full use of it. This is achieved by explaining to students the main features of the camera, how they function and what they do. Participants will also engage in practical creativity sessions whereby they will experiment for themselves the creative use and manipulation of these functions. Thus in this way our photography students learn how to take original photographs that stand out and look vibrant and attractive.  Building on that, this course also provides an introduction to photo editing using Photoshop. In this way the students learn how to digitally manipulate their photographs in order to bring out special effects. These courses are delivered by professional photographers.
Key Features
•    Introduction
•    ISO
•    Aperture
•    Shutter Speed
•    Using the different modes
•    Lighting
•    Planning and Composition.
•    Creativity in Photography
•    Practical Sessions
•    Photo Editing using Photoshop


Apply for any of the above courses by clicking here.

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